BOLIVIA - PERU - Exploring Lake Titicaca
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Bolivia - video itinerary - 1 -
Continuing our series on Peru and its infinite curiosity with this video dedicated to the habitat of Lake Titicaca with its many treasures and curiosities. Our journey starts from Puno (Peru) to reach La Paz (Bolivia) returning via Copacabana (Bolivia) to visit the Islands of the Sun and the Moon, ancient sacred islands of the Inca people.

Peru - video itinerary - 12 -
Then, a few km before leaving facticity Puno we went in search of sounds and colors between the shores of the Lake with the pace of the afternoon was getting more interesting, but the chance to discover these wonders buying the video .... you expect.

Video content: Sound Tiquina - The Island of Sun - The Island of Moon - Copacabana and other curiosities.

Languages: Italian