DENMARK - Region of Jutland (2)

directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Jutland - video itinerary - 2 -
This itinerary is the continuation of that journey in the fascinating Jutland Region. Besides, the renown places we will celebrate the heathen feast of the midsummer night ascribed by the Christians how the Saint Johan's eve. We put our feet into two seas and....

Video content:
SKAGEN: Grenen. Feast of Sankt Hans. Råbjerg Mile. Anna og Michael Anchers Hus. TUEN: Eagles' Reserve. ÅLBORG: Nordjylland kunst museum. FYRKAT: Viking House-farm. SILKEBORG: Aquarium “AQUA”. Riverboat Jazz Festival. ÅLESTRUP: Roses' Park. EBELTOFT: Frigate Jylland. Glass Musem. Old Town. ÅRHUS: "Den Gamle By" skansen park..

Languages: Italian