DENMARK - Lolland, Fyn & other islands
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Denmark's Islands - video itinerary - 4 -
Arriving by car from Germany the itinerary shown in the video can be made in the opposite direction driving toward Copenhagen and if desired continuing to North Cape across Sweden. We realized this video during our last of four weeks spent around Denmark. It is a very special itinerary and we suggest you don't miss it if you go to Denmark.

Video content:
MARIBO: Knuthenborg Safari Park. Castle of Egeskov. Castle of Nyborg. ODENSE: House Museum of H.C.Andersen. "village of Fionia". GLAVENDRUP: Viking findings. VEJLE: Runic stele of Jelling. SØNDERBORG: Knights' Tournament "Tilting at ring festival".

Languages: Italian