directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Eritrea - video itinerary - 1 -
Asmara, capital in the Eritrea, is situated in the highlands zone to 2372 meters high, it has been enjoying the whole year of a pleasant spring climate for the sunny days with fresh nights and it is considered among the safest capitals to the world. Copts, Catholics and Moslems from centuries cohabit in a sound model of harmony weaving their own habits and traditions. The influence of the Italian colonization is still it not only foresees in the architecture of the buildings but also in the variety of the culinary proposals with cappuccino, spaghetti and sweets in the first row. While in the daily lexicon often to affirm the importance of the sentence are introduced Italian terms... and will feel you say “Benvenuti in Eritrea (Welcome in Eritrea)...

We thank the Office of the Tourism and how much you have allowed us to realize these notes of trip..

Languages: Italian / with English subtitles