ERITREA - Welcome to KEREN
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Eritrea - video itinerary - 2 -
It is early in the morning when, with a rickety bus to transport local people  leave Asmara to Keren, located about 90 km from the capital, in an area between the plateau and the coast with a mild climate all year round. The centre is full of craft workshops where you can find nice memories. The Italian military cemetery of "Heroes", held as a beautiful garden, collect the remains of Ascari and Italians killed during the bloody war between the army of 1941 English and Italian. We suggest to visit the Marian Shrine of Mariam Dearit built inside a baobab, and the colorful market in animals with merchants of all ethnicities. Bird lovers can admire the big birds' nests set among the tall trees of the avenues citizens. Keren, has mid-level accommodation.

We thank the Office of the Tourism and how much you have allowed us to realize these notes of trip..

Languages: Italian / with English subtitles