ERITREA - On the road to Senafe
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Eritrea - video itinerary - 3 -
One morning of end January, while children already skip about for road and the air it is still fresh, provided of the inseparable permissions we leave Asmara directed to Senafe, to the southern frontier with Ethiopia. Without vaunting or historical souvenirs, we take the ex-road of the victory or the empire or from the thousand curves, that once united the capital of the colony Eritrea to that Ethiopian. This video is an itinerary through colours, sounds and ethnic curiosity realized only with the purpose of making curios and to attract more possible tourists to discover the beauties of a variegated and rich landscape of naturalistic affairs, archaeological and also wanting historical. Video content: Dekemhare - Hawatsu - Adi Keih - Senafe - Dromedaries - The Sycamore valley - Landscapes with Emba Soira and Emba Tarica - Euphorbia candelabrum & other curiosities. We thank the Office of the Tourism and how much you have allowed us to realize these notes of trip..

Languages: Italian / with English subtitles