ERITREA - On the road to Massawa
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Eritrea - video itinerary - 4 -
In this as in other videos we have been concerned to document the beauty of contrasting colors and images in different seasons alternate in Eritrea. The camels with their slouching gait also meet just outside Asmara but are most common along the coastal range features a hot climate, while donkeys are more resilient to fatigue altitude are more frequent on the plateau. Along the ancient railway built by the Italians a puffing steam train has begun to carry tourists in a very interesting scenario, and then with great curiosity we followed an alternative route through an area of rainforest, with views very different from what we can be expected at this latitude. After Massawa, we visit the seaside resort of Gurgussum, concluding the tour with the observation of birds on the shoreline of the coast Eritrea have found their preferred range. Video content: Arbaroba - Nefasit - Embatkalla - Ghinda - Forest Filfil - Massawa - Gurgussum - Birdwatching and other curiosities.

Languages: Italian / with English subtitles