ERITREA - Sounds & Colours
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Eritrea - video itinerary - 5 -
Located at 2000 meters, the town of Mendefera is 54 km from Asmara and the capital region and Seraya stage starting this journey in Eritrea. During our visit, as the sun continued its ascent, men, women and children left at dawn from neighboring communities come to animate the market a few others on foot with donkeys or camels. Mendefera, looks like a clean and industrious town with wide dirt roads and in excellent condition. The second part of the video is dedicated to the preparations and the celebrations at weddings, which often last for several days in spite of also involving the entire neighborhood. If you are in Asmara, for example in the period between April and July, where he focuses most weddings, you're going to feel down the music volume just before the muezzin chants the call of the dawn prayer and resume life the new day. We thank all those who have enabled us to achieve these travel notes.

Languages: Italian / with English subtitles