SAMI - Traditions & Joiks (2)
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

The video we shows the traditions and songs recorded at different times of the year in some camps that are Sami in Sweden and Finland. The Sami are scattered mostly above the Arctic Circle in today's territories of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula in Russia.
Their main activity is the breeding of reindeer trying to lead according to old habits including transhumance from the mountains to the coast, but occurs within the boundaries of the country where they live. Since last twenty years representatives sit in parliament of the respective countries. Among the more recent social achievements is the formation of a Sami Parliament in each country, the creation of a supranational Sami flag with their national anthem of the Sami people you know in the movie.
The route you suggest we filmed in the summer of Inari in Finland and in Sweden Arvidsjaur while for the winter, shooting we have made to Inari and Rovaniemi in Finland. We thank the Finland Office of the Tourism.
Languages: Italian / with English subtitles