directed by
Angelo Giammarresi

Italy - video itinerary - 12 -
This video is intended as a tribute to the life that is reborn every year giving us all of the new stimulus to continue in our daily life. The idea of a video based on only images and sounds is the result of a few days to wander with the camera as the only friend. A path to the ideas and thoughts are alternated daily emotion game of light and colour. Aimlessly, following only the sun and the spring breeze that came from finally lowered the car window, we have moved along a short path in the Park of Ticino between agglomerations and rural areas in the hinterland of Pavia, where man and nature partly living in their own essence.

Video content:
Cilavegna - Gravellona Lomellina - Gambolò - Parona - Casòn de Peri - S.Anna - Park of Ticino &...