ITALY - Valle Intelvi (1)
Argegno-Campione d'Italia
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Italy - videoitinerary - 2 -

Here's an itinerary across the beautiful Valle Intelvi, fatherland of artists of international fame such as Benedetto Antelami, Andrea Bregno, Ercole Ferrata, the brothers Carloni, the De Aglio, the Scotti that from XIV to XIX century diffused Italian art in Europe and Russia. These artists coming back home restored at their expenses village's churches in the same style they had built, decorated or frescoed the Cathedral in Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.
Argegno: Historical downtown, harbour, medieval bridge - Muronico: Church of S.Sisinnio - Dizzasco: downtown  - Castiglione: Casa Rinaldi with frescoes from '400, S. Stefano Church, village - Lura: Oratorio of S.Silvestro - Blessagno: Landscape - Pigra: Village, Library - Capolago: excursion to Monte Generoso - S.Fedele: Grotto of the Bear or Cave Generosa - Casasco: Village, Church of Madonna del Carmine - Erbonne: Village, archaeological findings - Campione d’Italia: Church of S.Zenone, Oratorio of S.Pietro, Church of S.Maria dei Ghirli.