ITALY - Valle Intelvi (2) - Cerano-Schignano
diected by
Angelo Giammarresi

This video is the continuation of the previous and we visit some other beautiful places of Valle Intelvi as well as we join in the especial Schignano Carnival. During the celebrations people wear wooden handcraft masks and dress unusual costumes. The people so disguised are called "Mascarùn" and they can belong to the " BEI" (beautiful) or "Brút" (ugly) group. Video content: Cerano, Museum of Stucco and of Scagliola, village - Laino,  churches of S.Giuseppe, S.Lorenzo, S.Vittore, Palace Scotti - Ponna Inferiore, Church of SS.Gallo & Desiderio, sculptures by Daniele Andreetti - Ponna Superiore, Museum of rural culture - Claino, Church of S.Vincenzo - Osteno, Village, Church of SS. Pietro e Paolo - Pellio Superiore, archaeological findings - Pellio Inferiore, Village, history of Ercole Ferrata - Lanzo, archaeological findings, Belvedere of: Sighignola, Balcone d’Italia - Scaria, Village, Churches of: S.Maria, SS.Nazaro e Celso, Museum of Holy Art, Museum of Fossils - Ramponio, Churches of S.Abbondio, S.Giovanni Nepomucéno, S.Pancrazio - Verna, panoramic route to Lanzo village - Schignano, Carnival and...