ITALY - Lake of Como's treasures (3)
Livo - Sorico

directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Italy - video itinerary - 5 -
This itinerary is made across an historical area, once called "The Kingdom of the Three Parish churches". Many of the hamlets spotting the mountains are housing interesting artistic treasures and offer several trekking paths of different degree.

Video content:
Livo, Village - S.Giacomo
Dosso del Liro, Church of S.Pietro in Costa
Peglio, Panorama - Church of S.Eusebio
Domaso, Missoltini - Harbour - Traditions - Villa Camilla - Church of S.Bartolomeo- Waterfalls on Livo river - Yacht Club -  Old manor house
Vercana, Village - Church of S.Salvatore
Gera Lario, Village - Church of S.Vincenzo and the Crypt with roman rests 
Montemezzo, Panorama - Church of S.Martino
Trezzone, Village
Sorico, Church of S.Stefano - XVI century tower - Reserve of Pian di Spagna...