NORWAY - Itineraries in Finnmark (1) - Alta
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Norway - video itinerary - 11 -
First video of a serial dedicated to Finnmark region, one of the most enchanting regions of Northern Norway. Here, anyone can choose its own paradise from nature paths to fishing activities. We visited Alta municipality and the Alta fjord in July and we had the chance of experiencing different colours of light during the 24 hours. The video shows some suggestions to know present and past of these places as well as some curiosities...and don't miss to listen to some authentic joik  

Video content:
Village of ALTA  - Kåfjord, Alten Copper Works, Tirpiz Museum - Pæskatun, Alta Skiferprodukter (Slate artist) - ALTA, Boazo Sami Siida, Rock Carvings listed in the World Heritage List of Unesco.

Languages: Italian / with English subtitles