NORWAY - Itineraries in Finnmark (2) Hammerfest - Kvalsund
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Norway - video itinerary - 12 -
This video let us know some interesting places and peoples thus experiencing an unforgettable holiday. Of course, how any our video, it will also give you practical suggestions and good advices to get the most of your holiday without hurting the daily life of local people. We had the chance of meeting one of the most sympathetic Sami man who sang some special joik for us, and we want share them with you. Besides, we paid a visit to some interesting museums and....follow us to discover the rest.
Video content:
HAMMERFEST: Museum of Post-War Reconstruction, Church's stained glass wall, Mikkelgammen Sami Camp, The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society Museum, The Meridian Column, The town, Cruise in the Hammerfest fjord -  FORSØL: The Harbour, Cemetery Bay from Stone Age - KVALSUND: Rock Carvings, Landscape, Stallo - Sami sacrificial site, Kvalsundbrua bridge.
Languages: Italian / with English subtitles