NORWAY - Itineraries in Finnmark (3)
North Cape & Magerøya Island
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Norway - video itinerary - 13 -
The enchanting island of Magerøya worldwide known for the promontory of North Cape, is also home of many beautiful and picturesque places worth a visit. You can be a nature lover or a fishing fan that has experienced many places, but you cannot resist the magnetic attractions of this island once you put the first step on it. Let your soul take the fluttering hints, and signs, lights, colours become yourself. So, are you ready to come? Video content: HONNINGSVÅG: The Town, Nordkapp Maritime Museum, Artico Ice Bar - GJESVÆR: Bird safari to Gjesværstappan Wildlife Reserve - SKARSVÅG: The Northernmost fishing village, Nordkapp Christmas and Winter house, The Horn rock formation, Sami camp of Nils M. Somby and Family  - KAMØYVÆR: "East of The Sun" Art Gallery and handicrafts' exhibition by Eva Schmutterer -  NORTH CAPE (NORDKAPP Region): The plateau and the North Cape Hall with its peculiarities.
Languages: Italian / English