NORWAY - Itineraries in Finnmark (4) Hammerfest - Kvalsund
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Norway - video itinerary - 14 -
This video, the fourth of the series dedicated to the region of Finnmark, allows you to discover the beautiful scenery that Mother Nature gives us the idyllic village of Gjesvær. Our adventure takes place in early August when the midnight sun was brief sunsets and the time released a few rain squall. The village is served from Gjesvær Honninsvåg which is only 34 km, but it is also easy to reach by car, motorcycle and caravan. In our experience this is an ideal place for a relaxing vacation where nature, tradition, hospitality and curiosity combine perfectly. We do not want to unveil the secrets of the whole adventure, but we tell you that if you're curious at least two places worth visiting: the old church with a collection of unique pieces and the bird sanctuary of Gjesvaerstappan.
The best time is from May to mid August, with the sun shining all day boreal and you can hike at any time. Enjoy the video.

Languages: Italian / with English subtitles