SÁMI - Traditions & Joiks
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Norway - video itinerary - 15 -
Scattered in northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula in Russia, the Sami or Lapps are one of the few indigenous peoples who manage to survive their habits, traditions and customs despite the political and social restrictions. After the conquest of their territories in the early 17th century good part of their traditions were destroyed, drums and other ceremonial objects were considered dangerous for the most part burned. The ancient transhumance in current place within national borders of each country where they live. In this video, we have deliberately left the original voice of the respondents so as to constitute a continuum with songs sung. Sami tradition every child at birth and at different stages of life receive the gift of tunes called "Joik" that distinguish it.  Other "Joiks" are composed for different occasions of daily life. We chose three Sami male voices from northern Norway: Mikkel - Nils Somby - Johan Eira. These people can also meet you in the period between June and August along the proposed route. We thank the Norwegian Office of the Tourism.