Journey to the Top of Europe

directed by Angelo Giammarresi

(Nordkapp) North Cape - video itinerary - 5 -
The video realized 1988 is our first adventure to North Cape. Along the journey to the top of Europe we paid a little visit to capital town of Denmark and  Sweden. It's an opportunity to see if the place is changed during this period. To have updated information about North Cape we suggest to buy also the new video titled "Itineraries in Finnmark (3) - Nordkapp & Magerøya Island" listed below.

Video content:
ALTA: The Alta fjord, the engraved rocks of Jepmaluokta enrolled in the Unesco - World Heritage List.
HONNINGSVÅG, local museum. MAGERØY ISLAND: SAMI settlement, “The Horn”, North Cape Promontory, etc...

Languages: Italian