PERU - Puno > Cusco - The Sun Route
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Peru - video itinerary - 11 -
The Ruta del Sol or Route of the Sun that we present is one of the many virtual tours heliotropic taking place in the world. From Puno to Cusco, the first stop is the Lake Umayo destination of various species of birds and especially famous for the great necropolis of Sillustani who overcomes. The complex is a great compendium of archaeological open air, characterized by tall, conical burial towers. Take at least 3 hours to enjoy this site full of pre-Columbian Wuaca, Usnu, Chullpas, colors and sounds muffled by the wind that will transport you in a mixture of esoteric worlds intangible cultural and natural. In the video we also see the archaeological site and museum of Pukara, the Inca ceremonial center Raqchi dedicated to the god Viracocha Pantocrator, the beautiful beach of Charcas, with its breathtaking views, concluding with the unusual Inca Uyo Chucuito or temple of fertility, a ceremonial complex of unknown date and will charm you with its odd shape
Languages: Italian