PERU - Wonders of the Coast
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Peru - video itinerary - 13 -
This video shows an unusual cut for a trace of mystery in your curiosity and give you the opportunity to do more research. Lima, Peru's capital, presents a modern and attractive drawing many curious tourists who attend the noon changing of the guard in front of Parliament House. The hotel accommodation offers good quality services with differentiated offerings in the various districts of the city. Ica to over 15,000 stones with figures and mysterious symbols are waiting to talk of a possible human lived alongside dinosaurs on earth. And then there's the story of Princess Huacca China, and just like cherries draws a mystery after another throughout the video. But the chance to discover these wonders buying the video .... we expect.
Video content:
Lima - Museum of J.D.Cabrera - Museum of Ica - Ballestas Islands - Ocucaje - Home of Maria Reiche - Mirador - Chauchilla - Nazca Lines - Toro Muerto - Yura landscapes and other curiosities.
Languages: Italian