PERU - Natural Oasis of the Pacific Area (1)
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Peru - video itinerary - 2 -
Along the Peruvian coasts and off, among the Pacific islands, million of birds and sea lions taking advantages of the benefits of Humboldt's Current come there to breed. It's a unique and breathless show of lives, colours and sounds. In our video we focused on the natural aspect of the Peruvian Coast that had been exploited for many years in the 50/60es of last century during the so called "fish flour era". In that period "anchovies" or "sardines" where fished in tons so, the biological sea chain cut in one of the first ring produced a big alimentary disaster forcing birds and sea animal to migrate. To this you have to also add Guano's exploitation done just some years before this fact. Thanks to the new Paracas Reserve project birds in last ten year are coming back to their original places and we can enjoy the tours too.

Video content:
HUANCHACO, Seagulls. MEJIA, the special Fauna and the lagoon. PARACAS, the sandstone Cathedral and the mysterious Chandelier.
Languages: Italian