PERU - Cruising the Amazon river
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Peru - video itinerary - 6 -
We had visited several times the magnificent land of the Incas traveling it from North to South to film the coast, the Andean region and the highlands but we had never visited the Amazon region. It was a December morning when, we gladly accepted the invitation of the director of the Greptours, Travels & Services, of Lima (Peru) to visit together Iquitos, the capital town of the department of Loreto. Come with us to experience the lodge life, discover where born the Amazon river, assist to some indigenous dances and...

Video content:

Iquitos: City Tour - Lodge Amazon Camp Requena: Community of Mariscal Ramón Castilla - Excursion to the source of the Amazon River - Reserve of Pacaya-Samiria Iquitos:Cruise on the Amazon River Pevas: Visit to "La Casa del Arte" of Francisco Grippa - Visit to the tribe of Huitoto-Bora in Puca Urquillo - Visit of Pevas Village - cruising the Rio Ampiyacu and other curiosities..
Languages: Italian