PERU - Lake Titicaca & Taquile Island
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Peru - video itinerary - 9 -
Continuing our series on Peru and its infinite curiosity with this video dedicated to Taquile Island and one of the most interesting festivals and rich traditions. Between June and September, according to tradition, most of Peru celebrated a number of pagan festivals and processions in honor of the Virgin Mary or other Catholic saints. We are at the end of July at a time when we leave Puno Taquile island about two hours by boat on Lake Titicaca. Located at 4000 meters s.l.m. , Lake Titicaca is a spectacle of itself. The 1700 inhabitants of the island are organized in a community based on a collective nature Inca moral code. On the island of Taquile there are hotels and accommodation is very basic, bare rooms in separate from the rest of the host family. Usually increases without sleeping on the mattress on which lay some blankets and sleeping bags. In 2005 UNESCO declared Taquile and its Textile Art "Masterpieces oral and intangible heritage of humanity".
Languages: Italian