Oradea - Lake Balaton

directed by Angelo Giammarresi

ROMANIA - video itinerary - 1 -
Our first route is dedicated to the city of Oradea (Grand Varadin) located near the Hungarian border and ancient cultural center of Central Europe. In addition to the video center of Oradea, visit the "Spa of Happiness" Baile Felix from the fantastic park full of beautiful water lilies and lotus flowers high, then by a brief excursion through the curiosities of the rural landscape.

HUNGARY - video itinerary - 2 -
On the way back to Italy, Lake Balaton is certainly a great temptation for anyone travelling along its shores. The great lake landscape from sandy beaches that border the vast expanse of crystal blue waters finally convince everyone to a stop just for a souvenir photo. So, we parked the car ...

Languages: Italian