directed by Angelo Giammarresi
The program of Adoptions School in Eritrea with the Capuchin Friars is promoted and developed by Father Gabriel Tesfamicael. Currently they are more than 2600 children that receive a scholastic, economic and sanitary support. The children are chosen without distinction of religious believs in according to their actual social situations and they are often orphans of war or with his/her father and his/her mother ill or unable to feed and grow them. This form of adoption allows with one least economic effort of ours to sustain the development of a child without eradicating him from his fatherland, family and traditions.
Under the Sycamore
-  DVD - duration 43 minutes -
it can be required to the Capuchin Friars of Milan or to our staff by paying online Euro 7.00 for coverage shipping and handling.
Content: Introduction by Father Gabriel Tesfamicael - Video on Asmara and 12 other places where you apply the activities of the School Adoption Programme. In the video you can learn not only children or activities of the program but also the nature and traditions.
Languages: Italian