SLOVENIA - Off the beaten track (1) Grad Borl-Slovenska Bistrica-Šempeter-Jama Pekel
directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Slovenia - video itinerary - 1 -
After returning from a hike in Central Europe through Hungary we left the motorway heading towards the interior of Slovenia, to that bucolic landscape by the many natural shades. The frolicking of a quiet and stately stork among the fields and the excellent reception of pushed us to draw on when a new route, before returning to the daily routine. Thus was born, "Slovenia-Off the beaten track", a series of video guides along the back roads of Slovenia to discover that country with which Italy has shared borders for centuries and history. Easy to follow routes that explore castles, parks but also simple and fascinating places.

Video content:
The castle of Borl - Landscapes - Storks - Slovenska Bistrica - Roman Necropolis  of Šempeter - Devil's Cave (Jama Pekel)

Languages: Italian / with English subtitles