SLOVENIA - Off the beaten track (4) Rogatec - 
Rogaška Slatina - Slovenska Bistrica - Podčetrtek

directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Slovenia - video itinerary - 4 -
This video develops him in an area of 50 kms and it is separated in four principal stages, every of which as base can be select. The first one stage is the ancient nucleus of Rogatec dominated from the beautiful castle of Strmol, today multifunctional centre and destination forced for gourmets and lovers of the high quality wine. The folkloric open air museum is another visit not to lose. From Rogatec then the itinerary can vary to 360° and it can be combined to the places of the other itineraries that we have introduced you in this collection.
Video content:
Rogatec, Castle of Strmol – Open air folk museum. Slovenska Bistrica, Exhibition and eighteenth-century frescos of the ancient castle. Rogaška Slatina, Thermal centre – Crystal Factory. Podčetrtek, Castle – Tourist Farm Amon - Brewery Haler. Olimje, Chocolate pub-shop - The Park of deer “Jelenov Greben”.
Languages: Italian / with English subtitles