SLOVENIA - Off the beaten track (6)
The Castle of Rajhenburg & Brestanica

directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Slovenia - video itinerary - 6 -
According to historical reconstructions Castle Rajheburg (Brestanica) is the oldest castle in Slovenia which could date back to Roman times. The first documentary record date to 29 September 895, when Arnulf of Carantania, King of East Franks' has three real estates located near the castle Richenburch "to his vassal, the noble Valtuni. Inside you can admire a series of permanent exhibitions on the history of the castle, the permanence of the Trappist monks, the tragedy of deportation during the Nazi invasion, paintings, contemporary art exhibitions. Complete this itinerary a visit to the nearby oasis of Ribnik where you can fish, hike in the countryside and eating the excellent restaurant with home cooking
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In this video we show:
The Old Castle of Rajhenburg, the little town of Brestanica, some landscape's architectures, the natural oasis and fishing reserve of Ribnik and other curiosities.
Languages: Italian