SLOVENIA - Off the beaten track (7)
Sevnica - Ajdovski Gradec - Bogenšperk

directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Slovenia - video itinerary - 7 -
Castle Sevnica, is on the hill opposite the old group of Sevnica. It houses several permanent exhibitions: Museum of Fire - Show Ivan Razboršek - Alojz Konec Exhibition - Exhibition of deported Slovenes - Shows school education. The Lutrova Kleť (Luther's Cellar) is a former Protestant chapel with frescoes dating from the sixteenth century (next to the castle Sevnica). Ajdovski Gradec is an early Christian site of the fifth century, located 5 km from Sevnica, reachable by car and takes a few minutes walk uphill. The Renaissance-style castle Bogenšperk shows two circular towers and a park. Built in 1511 by Erazem Wagen, in the 17th century was the home of the great Janez Vjkard Valvasor that he and his colleagues turned it into a kind of science centre. Inside there are permanent exhibitions of Geodesy - Mineralogy - Study of Traditional costumes JVValvasor and curious exhibition on superstition and witchcraft ....
Languages: Italian