SLOVENIA - Off the beaten track (8)
The Stična Abbey

directed by Angelo Giammarresi

Slovenia - video itinerary - 8 -
Founded in 1136 at the behest of the Patriarch of Aquileia Peregrinus Stična The abbey is located near Ivančna Gorica and is the oldest in Slovenia. Originally consisted of a Romanesque basilica, with a cloister and chapter house walls with fortified towers to withstand the attacks of the Turks. In 1623 the Abbot Jakob Reinprecht, he recast the ancient basilica in the Romanesque-Gothic baroque. In 1784, the monastery was dissolved by decree of Emperor Joseph II and until 1898, after 114 years of neglect, the Abbey was restored to Stična Cistercian monastic tradition. Among the several tombstones in the church that is dedicated to the Duchess Viride Visconti of Milan according to the story was buried here in 1414. The abbey is famous for its frescoes and vaulted cloister, baroque stucco. You can visit the two permanent exhibitions of the museum's historic Stična and "History of Christianity in Slovenia, with exhibits dating from the third century after Christ.
Languages: Italian