AVID XPressPRO - Level Base - Intermediate
Video Course of Digital Editing

directed by Angelo Giammarresi

In this first part of the course explains the basic techniques for using Avid XPress Pro v.4.6 software but the principles and techniques explained are valid for any version.

Project - choice and settings for all stages of project preparation for mounting. Definition and use the buttons in the timeline and program windows. Use and depth of the toolset. Capturing clips - Bin Bin and boards. Workings with audio clips and / or video and their inclusion in the timeline. Export of individual frames. Working on the playback speed of clips. Use and customize the keyboard keys. Editing with the JKL keys. Inserting clip Splice and Overwrite mode. Inserting Key Frame video and audio. Transition effects and effects of the segment. Inserting multiple effects on one or more clips. Working in Trim Mode.

Languages: Italian