AVID XPress PRO - Advanced Level
Video Course of Digital Editing

directed by Angelo Giammarresi

This second part of course was made to complete the basic training for using Avid XPress Pro v.4.6 software but the principles and techniques explained are valid for any version.
TIMELINE: Management Changes and graphics - Fast Menu Functions and visibility of the tracks - Storage configuration. EDITING: Mount detachment - Transitions between clips - Effects Segment mode on one or more clips - Inserting multiple effects on the same clip - Keyframe Video - Using the Effect Palette - Effect Editor - Creating sequence - linking sequences - Picture in Picture Effects - Effects Multilayer - Effects concatenated - Trim Function Mode - Use Title Tool - Insertion titles in the Timeline. Dealing with custom video effects with the Pug-in BORIS FX. AUDIO EDITING: Keyframe Manipulation - Transitions automatic and custom - Use modules Audio Mix - Audio Tool - Automation Gain. Practical Suggestions.

Languages: Italian